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3 Great BBQ Restaurants in Fort Worth, TX

I have never been to Fort Worth, Texas but my husband has.  He went there for a conference with a business associate.  He stayed in downtown and thought it was clean with very little homeless.  He loved the area down by the river.  He fell in love with the barbecue places he visited and looks forward to going back.

One of the nicknames for Fort Worth, Texas is Cowtown.  This is due to the millions of head of cattle that were driven north to market.  This caused Fort Worth to become the center for cattle drives and launched a huge ranching industry.

Fort Worth RestaurantThe Woodshed Smokehouse was one of the barbecue places he dined.  It is located right on the banks of the Trinity River and is a popular destination to both locals and tourists.

This is the perfect place for their Chef, Tim Love.  He has a passion about roasting, slow cooking and grilling.  He has daily specials of fish, cabrito, lamb, pork, beef, wild game and vegetables which are all cooked over a variety of fires and wood sources.

Aware of emission set off by the wood burning, Woodshed Smokehouse uses strategically placed fans throughout the restaurant instead of using an air conditioner.  An air conditioner is known to consume almost twenty-five percent of a restaurants yearly electrical bill while releasing refrigerant emissions into the ozone.  In addition to the fans, there is a canopy of trees shading the outdoor area that keep it cool in the hot summer days.Fort Worth Restaurants

Their atmosphere is what brings people back.  They have live music almost every day throughout the month.  Their patio was recently features in MSN’s Top 30 Patios in America.  They use three smokers, two wood grills and two rotisseries and a variety of woods when cooking so you can imagine the smell as you wait for your meal.  They have over fourteen hundred Google reviews and that puts them above four stars.

Travis and Emma Heim, of Heim Barbecue, grew up in Fort Worth, TX.  Travis started his passion for smoking meat when he was thirteen years old on his grandfather’s old smoker, it wasn’t good, but it started him down the road to wanting to learn how to make the best brisket ever.

Fort Worth RestaurantTravis started dating Emma in high school and they both attended college in East Texas.  Travis and his roommates would venture out to every barbecue place that was out of the way to indulge in some of the best barbecue they could find.  On the weekends, Travis would smoke meat and share with his friends and family.

Travis and Emma got married right out of college and moved back to Fort Worth.  Travis continued his love for smoking and barbecue even starting dinners at their home for a friend’s home that became the T & E MEATclub.  Word spread quickly and these “pop-up” dinners became very famous.

Eventually Travis and Emma purchased a food truck and started selling barbecue on the weekends to make extra money.  They were approached by some investors and opened Heim Barbecue restaurant in a 1921 built property on Magnolia Avenue.Fort Worth Restaurant

It is amazing to think they have over seventeen hundred reviews on the web that give them over four stars for a restaurant that has been open for a little over a year.

Smokey’s Barbecue considers itself Cowtown’s best barbecue using true to Texas style barbecue.  With their hickory wood fired slow smoked meats they will surly please even the pickiest eater.  They serve their Smoked Turkey Breast on Thursdays and Fridays all year long.  They also serve their Pulled Pork on Thursdays and Fridays as well.

Fort Worth RestaurantLocated on East Lancaster Smokey’s Barbecue has the ability to cater on or off site from ten people up to ten thousand people!  They have sixteen hundred posts on the internet that have rated them over four stars.  The owner will even take time to respond to a post.  That is pretty impressive.

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