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Great Burger Joints in Wichita, KS

I don’t know about you, but I just love a good hamburger.  I love them so much I have a strange hobby of reviewing burger places I find online in different cities.  The city I picked today is Wichita, KS.

Wichita, KS RestaurantFizz Burgers & Bottles is located on E. 37th Street N. in Wichita which was opened in November 2010 by Pat, Dave and Scott Bergeson.  They give you a choice of a quarter pound burger or a half pound burger which is double ground for a sumptuous tender taste.  From there, you can either take one of the pre-built choices or build your own.  For those of you who do not care for beef, you can order a chicken or pork sandwich.

Locally owned, Fizz Burgers & Bottles, knows there are burger joints on every corner in Wichita.  They like to think they are one of the stand out burger joints.  Using only the freshest ingredients, they make everything from scratch (except the ketchup) event the pickles!  I do have to mention the pickles because they get these from one store in town that purportedly has the best cucumbers in the whole city.Wichita KS Restaurant media

Not only are they known for their burgers they also have one desert and that is their famous Cake Truffle.  No wonder there are over four hundred positive posts on the web to give them over a four-star rating.

Wichita KS Restaurant photoBomb Burger on South Clifton Avenue is also a family owned business that started as a little bar in 1951 that served a great burger.  Changing hands several times, it was finally purchased in 1985 by Paul Rickard.  Paul did not want to chance change a thing and keep it the local hang out it was.  Paul’s son, Chris, worked his way through college in the kitchen earning a degree as a Physician Assistant.

Sadly, Paul passed away in his sleep in 1997.  By then Chris was tired of working with sick people so he took over Bomb Burger.  Chris upgraded Bomb Burger from a decent burger to a premier burger that makes is the destination of anybody who is a burger fan.  Gobble it down with an ice-cold beer and you will experience the best burger you have ever had.Wichita KS Restaurant Picture

When going to Bomb Burger, keep in mind they are open Tuesday through Saturday with hours open ten to four.  But, don’t get there at four because the grill shuts down twenty minutes before four.  But you have to admit it is worth working with their hours in order to experience a three-quarter pound eighty-one percent lean Kansas Angus Beef.  Be sure to support them in the internet and contribute to their over two hundred positive reviews.

Wichita KS Restaurant BurgerBionic Burger was the dream child of Steve and Lloyd Majors.  Their first recollection of a great hamburger was when they would take a family trip to Kansas to visit their Aunt Ruby.  She had a burger and fries stand that was sought out by everyone within a hundred-mile radius.  As they grew up, they wondered why there was not a great burger place in Wichita so in 1977, with the help of their Aunt Ruby, they brought her burgers to the city.

Bionic Burger has four locations in Wichita and one in Haysville.  Their burgers are made with one hundred percent fresh US Beef that is made up with trimmings of T-Bone, sirloin and strip steak.  This makes their burgers more like steakburger than a hamburger.  Their French fries are fresh-cut with some of the peeling left to show they are authentic.Wichita Kansas Restaurant Pic

With over three hundred comments on the web, you can be sure you will get one of the best burgers in Wichita.

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