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I was looking into what is the difference between a S Corporation, Limited Liability company or a C Corporation. I found this article by the Wyoming Discount Registered Agent that gives a great explanation of an S Corporation.

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Three Great Things to do In Palm Springs, California by ProClean Cleaning Services

Palm Springs, California is a great place to visit as it has many outdoor things that one can do when they visit the area.  It is known to be a great place to retire so many people just assume golfing is the only past time, however, there are many hiking and biking trails and it is a great place to horseback ride.

Palm Springs California TramwayThe Palm Spring Aerial Tramway, located at 1 Tram Way in Palm Springs, California.  Located in the rugged Chino Canyon just north of Palm Springs it something not to be missed.

The Palm Spring Aerial Tramway is the dream of Francis Crocker, an electrical engineer, who visited Palm Springs in 1935.  The temperature was sweltering, and he looked up and saw Mount San Jacinto which is snow-capped at an elevation of ten thousand eight hundred and thirty-four feet.

People thought he was nuts to undertake such a project.  He fought roadblocks even suffering twice of a veto by the governor of a bill that was passed by the California Legislature.  When World War II started the who project was postponed.

Crocker did not let the setbacks stop him and in 1945, the new governor of California passed the bill.  Using private revenue bonds, they were able to raise over eight million dollars to build the tram.  After the Korean Way, the project was finally started in July of 1961.  It took twenty-six months to construct and was completed in 1963.

They estimate that over twenty million people have taken the two- and one-half mile ride.  It starts and two thousand six hundred and forty-three feet and climbs as high as eight thousand five hundred and sixteen feet above sea level.  This ten-minute ride has been reviewed by over six thousand people who rave about the views.

Indian Canyons, located at 38520 Pam Canyon Drive is a popular place to horseback ride, hike and picnic.  Tahquitz Canyon is considered one of the most beautiful areas to visit.  It sits on an Indian Reservation that has an ancient irrigation system and a beautiful sixty food water fall as well as rock art.Palm Springs CA Indian Canyon

Considered the home for thousands of years to the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians.  Exploring Indian Canyons brings much delight to whoever hikes as they can see house pits, reservoirs, old foundations and food preparations areas that still exist.

Online evaluations rave about the area and how beautiful it is.  It is well worth looking at the Google reviews because the pictures are breathtaking.

The Palm Springs Art Museum is located at 101 Museum Drive in Palm Springs, California.  They are open year-round but are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Of course, they are closed on some holidays so be sure to look online to see the days they are closed.

Palm Springs CA Art MuseumThere are three locations of thePalm Springs Art Museum that offer tours.  The Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center is located at 300 S Palm Canyon Drive and the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert is located at 72-567 Highway 111 in Palm Desert, California.

They have over one thousand positive posts on the world wide web with amazing pictures taken by visitors.  Again, check their website to confirm what days each location is open and the hours they are open.

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Minneapolis Hood Cleaning Company Reviews Three Great Restaurants in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis MN RestaurantLake & Irving Restaurant is the creation of Chris and Erica Ikeda.  Chris started his career in the foodservice industry at the tender age of fourteen.  His original job was to buss tables and wash dishes.  By the age of fifteen, he was a prep cook and moved up from there.

Christ attended the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota where he entered their entrepreneurship program.  After graduation, he attended The Culinary Institute of America in New York, one of the premier cooking schools in the world.

After a few years working and traveling to Japan with his brother, Chris moved to Hawaii where he really caught the food bug.  He loved Asian cuisine and was fascinated how he was able to use the fresh tropical fruits, products and seafood to combine into a sumptuous meal.  He spent the morning fishing for Ahu and Tako then took it to the restaurant to prepare original meals.

Chris met Erica while she was vacationing in Hawaii.   She caught the island bug and moved to Hawaii to bartend for several years before marrying Chris.  After the birth of their first child, Erica and Chris moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to raise their family and open Lake & Irving Restaurant located at 1513 W. Lake Street.

The restaurant has been in business for over five years and is thriving in the Minneapolis metropolitan area.  They have over five hundred online reviews that give them over a four and one-half start rating.

Winters are long in Minneapolis, Minnesota and that gave The Bachelor Farmer restaurant crew a challenge to serve up the best food available for the season.  They are known for their grilled venison and pickled strawberries.Minneapolis Minnesota Restaurant

Executive Chef Jonathan Gans got his start in Seattle, Washington before putting down roots in Minneapolis.  Emily marks is the Pastry Chef who has a passion for creating desserts that are mind blowing.  Together they work with local farmers to bring in the freshest ingredients possible.

The Bachelor Farmer has a warm inviting atmosphere located at 50 North 2nd Avenue.  Their loyal following has garnered them over seven hundred positive posts on the internet giving them a strong four-point-six-star rating.

Minneapolis MN Restaurant PhotoSmack Shack was originally a food truck that specialized in serving lobster rolls in downtown Minneapolis.  Its popularity grew when the City of Minneapolis opened up more areas where food trucks could park in 2011.

Minneapolis, Minnesota is known for its harsh winters, so the food trucks could only serve in the summer months.  Owner, Josh Thoma, formed a relationship with 1029 Bar to take over their kitchen and serve his wonderful lobster rolls during the winter months.

They kicked off the opening of the kitchen with a lobster boil in January of 2011.  By November 2011, Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives showed up to film a segment of 1029 Bar and the food truck.

Once the episode was aired, the popularity of the place took off even more!  They eventually moved Smack Shack to a brick and mortar restaurant in the North Loop of Minneapolis. 

They have over two thousand posts on the world wide web that rave about their lobster boils and lobster rolls.

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Wild Island – Sparks NV

Sparks NV Wild IslandNext time you are in Sparks, Nevada with your family, you need to visit Wild Island.  There is something for every member of your family.  Sierra Coin/Gold Buyers Reno highly recommends the water park with its slides and Lazy River.

At Wild Island the Lazy River winds around Kokomo’s Island Bar so adults can get an adult beverage.  The island is perfect for adults who don’t want to be next to children.  They can tan and sip a cool beverage.

For those families with small children Little Lagoon Kiddie Pool is a perfect place to splash and play.  They have water cannons as well as slides that are sure to bring a smile to the little ones.  Hurricane Cove has super soakers, cannons and slides as well as a soaker bucket that fills up and spills out on anyone who is standing underneath.

The Coconut Bowl bowling alley is a big hit.  They have thirty-two public lanes and two garages that can be rented for private parties.  Each garage has four lanes.

They have a go cart track, laser tag and outdoor mini golf.  Their arcade has over ninety games to choose from.  Or for the pool player they have pool tables available.

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Great Burger Joints in Wichita, KS

I don’t know about you, but I just love a good hamburger.  I love them so much I have a strange hobby of reviewing burger places I find online in different cities.  The city I picked today is Wichita, KS.

Wichita, KS RestaurantFizz Burgers & Bottles is located on E. 37th Street N. in Wichita which was opened in November 2010 by Pat, Dave and Scott Bergeson.  They give you a choice of a quarter pound burger or a half pound burger which is double ground for a sumptuous tender taste.  From there, you can either take one of the pre-built choices or build your own.  For those of you who do not care for beef, you can order a chicken or pork sandwich.

Locally owned, Fizz Burgers & Bottles, knows there are burger joints on every corner in Wichita.  They like to think they are one of the stand out burger joints.  Using only the freshest ingredients, they make everything from scratch (except the ketchup) event the pickles!  I do have to mention the pickles because they get these from one store in town that purportedly has the best cucumbers in the whole city.Wichita KS Restaurant media

Not only are they known for their burgers they also have one desert and that is their famous Cake Truffle.  No wonder there are over four hundred positive posts on the web to give them over a four-star rating.

Wichita KS Restaurant photoBomb Burger on South Clifton Avenue is also a family owned business that started as a little bar in 1951 that served a great burger.  Changing hands several times, it was finally purchased in 1985 by Paul Rickard.  Paul did not want to chance change a thing and keep it the local hang out it was.  Paul’s son, Chris, worked his way through college in the kitchen earning a degree as a Physician Assistant.

Sadly, Paul passed away in his sleep in 1997.  By then Chris was tired of working with sick people so he took over Bomb Burger.  Chris upgraded Bomb Burger from a decent burger to a premier burger that makes is the destination of anybody who is a burger fan.  Gobble it down with an ice-cold beer and you will experience the best burger you have ever had.Wichita KS Restaurant Picture

When going to Bomb Burger, keep in mind they are open Tuesday through Saturday with hours open ten to four.  But, don’t get there at four because the grill shuts down twenty minutes before four.  But you have to admit it is worth working with their hours in order to experience a three-quarter pound eighty-one percent lean Kansas Angus Beef.  Be sure to support them in the internet and contribute to their over two hundred positive reviews.

Wichita KS Restaurant BurgerBionic Burger was the dream child of Steve and Lloyd Majors.  Their first recollection of a great hamburger was when they would take a family trip to Kansas to visit their Aunt Ruby.  She had a burger and fries stand that was sought out by everyone within a hundred-mile radius.  As they grew up, they wondered why there was not a great burger place in Wichita so in 1977, with the help of their Aunt Ruby, they brought her burgers to the city.

Bionic Burger has four locations in Wichita and one in Haysville.  Their burgers are made with one hundred percent fresh US Beef that is made up with trimmings of T-Bone, sirloin and strip steak.  This makes their burgers more like steakburger than a hamburger.  Their French fries are fresh-cut with some of the peeling left to show they are authentic.Wichita Kansas Restaurant Pic

With over three hundred comments on the web, you can be sure you will get one of the best burgers in Wichita.

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3 Great BBQ Restaurants in Fort Worth, TX

I have never been to Fort Worth, Texas but my husband has.  He went there for a conference with a business associate.  He stayed in downtown and thought it was clean with very little homeless.  He loved the area down by the river.  He fell in love with the barbecue places he visited and looks forward to going back.

One of the nicknames for Fort Worth, Texas is Cowtown.  This is due to the millions of head of cattle that were driven north to market.  This caused Fort Worth to become the center for cattle drives and launched a huge ranching industry.

Fort Worth RestaurantThe Woodshed Smokehouse was one of the barbecue places he dined.  It is located right on the banks of the Trinity River and is a popular destination to both locals and tourists.

This is the perfect place for their Chef, Tim Love.  He has a passion about roasting, slow cooking and grilling.  He has daily specials of fish, cabrito, lamb, pork, beef, wild game and vegetables which are all cooked over a variety of fires and wood sources.

Aware of emission set off by the wood burning, Woodshed Smokehouse uses strategically placed fans throughout the restaurant instead of using an air conditioner.  An air conditioner is known to consume almost twenty-five percent of a restaurants yearly electrical bill while releasing refrigerant emissions into the ozone.  In addition to the fans, there is a canopy of trees shading the outdoor area that keep it cool in the hot summer days.Fort Worth Restaurants

Their atmosphere is what brings people back.  They have live music almost every day throughout the month.  Their patio was recently features in MSN’s Top 30 Patios in America.  They use three smokers, two wood grills and two rotisseries and a variety of woods when cooking so you can imagine the smell as you wait for your meal.  They have over fourteen hundred Google reviews and that puts them above four stars.

Travis and Emma Heim, of Heim Barbecue, grew up in Fort Worth, TX.  Travis started his passion for smoking meat when he was thirteen years old on his grandfather’s old smoker, it wasn’t good, but it started him down the road to wanting to learn how to make the best brisket ever.

Fort Worth RestaurantTravis started dating Emma in high school and they both attended college in East Texas.  Travis and his roommates would venture out to every barbecue place that was out of the way to indulge in some of the best barbecue they could find.  On the weekends, Travis would smoke meat and share with his friends and family.

Travis and Emma got married right out of college and moved back to Fort Worth.  Travis continued his love for smoking and barbecue even starting dinners at their home for a friend’s home that became the T & E MEATclub.  Word spread quickly and these “pop-up” dinners became very famous.

Eventually Travis and Emma purchased a food truck and started selling barbecue on the weekends to make extra money.  They were approached by some investors and opened Heim Barbecue restaurant in a 1921 built property on Magnolia Avenue.Fort Worth Restaurant

It is amazing to think they have over seventeen hundred reviews on the web that give them over four stars for a restaurant that has been open for a little over a year.

Smokey’s Barbecue considers itself Cowtown’s best barbecue using true to Texas style barbecue.  With their hickory wood fired slow smoked meats they will surly please even the pickiest eater.  They serve their Smoked Turkey Breast on Thursdays and Fridays all year long.  They also serve their Pulled Pork on Thursdays and Fridays as well.

Fort Worth RestaurantLocated on East Lancaster Smokey’s Barbecue has the ability to cater on or off site from ten people up to ten thousand people!  They have sixteen hundred posts on the internet that have rated them over four stars.  The owner will even take time to respond to a post.  That is pretty impressive.

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3 Great Gastropub Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA has some great historical sites to take in the next time you visit.  You must go to the thirty-three-acre attraction at the Atlanta History Center.  The center features amazing exhibitions, 1996 Centennial Olympic Games memorabilia and the Swan House.  They even have the Margaret Mitchell House, she was the woman who wrote the epic novel Gone With the Wind.

In 1996 the Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta.  As a result, the seventy-five million Centennial Olympi8c Park was built.  Is spans twenty-one acres and was designed to be a gathering spot for residents and visitors to enjoy during the games.  Most of the building costs came from private-sector donations.

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History is like taking a trip to Jurassic Park.  The park is filled with cultural artifacts, dinosaurs, hands-on science explorations, live animals and a 4K Giant Screen Theater.  You can discover new outdoor adventures in their seventy-five-acre park with giant old-growth trees, elevated tree pods and interactive exhibits.

After a long day of exploring, you will definitely want to visit one of the Gastropub restaurants that are reviewed in this article.

Atlanta Ga RestaurantThe Southern Gentleman Gastropub is located in The Shops in Buckhead Atlanta.  They are proud to serve traditional Southern meals with a modern twist.  Using locally sourced meats and produce helps support local farms and ranches.

Their bar lets you discover traditional Southern cocktails.  They also have bottled libations. craft beers and a spot-on mint julep.  The décor is in the time-honored classic Southern features.  Imagine tufted camel leather booths, seersucker window treatments, white marble countertops, dramatic chandeliers, herringbone floors and vaulted ceilings.  There is even a portrait of Mark Twain that was painted by a local artist.

Owner, Chris Hadermann’s goal was to create a restaurant that was like stepping into your own home.  The Southern Gentleman truly gives you the down home Southern experience.  They believe in Southern hospitality and treat every customer like they are family.

Their chef, Danilo Q. Myers, joined The Southern Gentleman in 2014.  His started in Brooklyn then landed in Atlanta.  He was even recognized by the Zagat Atlanta as “one of the eight secret weapons behind Atlanta’s top restaurants”.  He obtained his education at Johnson & Wales University where he got his Associates Arts Degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietary Food and Nutrition as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hotel and Restaurant Institution.

I can see why they have over a four-star rating online.

The second Gastropub restaurant I picked is The Porter Beer Bar.  Located in Little Five Points which is a funky and off-beat neighborhood that offers sidewalk vendors, vintage-clothing shops and street musicians.

Atlanta RestaurantOpened in September 2008, The Porter Beer Bar was the dream child of Nick Rutherford and Molly Gunn.  They have always worked in fine dining and saw this place was available for a unique restaurant and it was only two blocks away from their home!  This dining establishment features an exposed brick wall and hand-crafted wooden booths to give their guests the perfect atmosphere for gourmet pub grub.

They offer forty-four beers on draft and seven hundred different types of bottles beer.  They specialize in selling small imports and micro-brews that are not available in most local bars.  Their menu has new twists on traditional foods made with a twist.  They have an ever-changing specials page that gives their chef free reign to create such original dishes as Florida Corn Agnolotti and Painted Hills Steak Tartare.Atlanta Restaurant

The Atlanta Magazine has named The Porter Beer Bar the “Best New Pub” and “best Beer Haunt”.  They have also been listed by among the top then beer bars in the world.  No wonder they have over one thousand three hundred reviews online with a four-point-seven rating.

Atlanta RestaurantBulla Gastropub restaurant is the brain child of Carlos Centurion.  There are seven locations throughout the south east.  Coral Gables, Doral, Winter Park, Atlanta, Pampa, Plano and Charlotte.  Carlos’s vision was to create a gastrobar that are famous in Spain where Bulla was born.

Fast becoming a favorite for locals and tourists alike, the second Bulla Gastropub was opened in 2016 in downtown Doral.  Carlos and his team of restaurateurs four five more locations they wanted to open, and the rest is history.Atlanta Restaurant

Their Spanish Mediterranean food is complimented with hand-crafted cocktails and an array of wines.  People come back again and again and write reviews online extolling their fine menu.

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